Intradermal Testing

​If your skin prick test was negative, you may get an intradermal test, where your doctor injects the allergen into your skin. Intradermal allergy tests are often used for environmental allergies, bee sting allergies, and drug allergies, but not for food or latex allergies.

Intradermal tests can be more accurate, but sometimes they show that you have an allergy when you actually don't. Intradermal tests are also more likely to cause an allergic reaction that affects your whole body.

Intradermal testing

When you have intradermal skin testing done, a small amount of each thing you may be allergic to (allergen) is injected under the skin. If you are allergic to an allergen, you will get a bump and redness where the allergen was injected. After a short time, each skin test reaction is measured for swelling and redness. A large enough skin reaction is a positive skin test. This means an allergy may exist to the allergen placed at that site. Your doctor will compare your skin test results with your history of symptoms.

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